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Healaon Vagus Nerve Stimulator-Hands-free

Healaon Vagus Nerve Stimulator-Hands-free

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Boost your WELL-BEING!

Manage stress, poor sleep, poor concentration, and much more.

Vagus nerve stimulation PLUS audio stimulation in a wearable personal device. You can even load your own audio files!

Healaon improves the quality of life by stimulating the Vagus nerve and thereby activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This enhances your wellbeing and contributes to your Mental Health, Stress Reduction, Sleep Quality Improvement, and Concentration Improvement.

Unlike competitive products, there is no need for:

Messy Gels or Refill cards.

Healaon is completely Hands-Free and has Unlimited daily use.

Take care of your Healaon and it will take care of you for years.

Clinical studies support the effectiveness of auricular Vagus nerve stimulation


Clinical Research taVNS

1. Click here regarding the safety and effectiveness of Healaon

2. Click here regarding Healaon and its effects on brain activity 

3. Click here regarding Healaon and its effects on EEG and HRV

Clinical Research Sound Therapy

1. Click here for a reference list provided courtesy of Liquid Mind



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