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Clinical Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler

Clinical Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler

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- Support Cognitive Function

- Improve Sleeping Patterns

- Increase Energy Levels

- Weight Management

- Target Joint Discomfort

- Optimal Homeostasis

 Up to 600 ml/ minute flow rate
 Full hydrogen inhalation session in 30 minutes
✅ Starts working in seconds
✅ Low maintenance
✅ Low-cost operation. Uses distilled water

Molecular hydrogen is evidence-backed:
- Over 2000+ scientific studies
- Over 500 peer-reviewed articles
- 1,600+ researchers
- 40+ human-based studies

( And Over 100 clinical studies suggest H2 has therapeutic potential for 170 different human, animal, and plant models, and in nearly every organ of the human body.)

How does molecular hydrogen work?

• Acts like a weak antioxidant to selectively reduce free radicals (hydroxyl and peroxynitrite) without disturbing essential biological signaling molecules. [15]

• Has a residual effect. One study revealed hydrogen was still having an impact on the body 4 weeks after the study ended.[14]

• Activates the NRF2 pathway when the body is under heavy amounts of stress. One in vitro studyof human endothelial tissue showed that molecular hydrogen promoted sirtuin activity AND preserved NAD levels after exposure to a toxin. [16,17]

• Signals ghrelinwhich can act like a versatile neuroprotective agent, stimulates cognitive activity, and optimizes vascular health. [18]

• Reduces the formation of free radicals by breaking the 'feed-forward' loop and downregulating the oxidative NADPH system. [19]

• Helps reduce distruptive cytokinesscavaging hydroxy radicals, discrupting signaling pathways, and upregulating oxidoreduction-related genes.

Doctor Recommended


“I was very skeptical about this technology until I used it at a health conference for an hour straight. Being under-slept and undernourished, breathing hydrogen gas brought me back to life. I felt clear as if I had a full night of sleep.” – Matt Blackburn 

Vital Reaction was a game changer for me. I was so impressed with how much better I felt. This product is now an absolute must for dealing with a demanding day and there are no side effects.” – Domenique Coe

I feel more rested in the mornings, and brighter. Vital Reaction, you have an amazing product here.” – Marie B.

“I just started using the Vital Reaction inhaler a few days ago. The first thing I noticed was my vision immediately improved. It was profound. Sleep has improved because of an overall sense of well-being. Clarity of thought and alertness has also improved.”     -Clay Rosson

Product Specifications

  • Adjustable Flow Rate: 300 or 600 ml/min
  • Produces Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen Water
  • Dual Output:  Accommodates Two People
  • Operating time: Up to 8 hours
  • Silent Operation
  • 2-Liter Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Low Water Alert
  • Water Quality Sensor
  • Easy-to-read LED Touch Screen
  • PEM Electrolysis Technology
  • No Electrolytes Required

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplement product.

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